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Cementing Aids Casing Centralizers

In 1976, with in-house Research & Development , Laxmi Udyog developed casing centralizers and is the first manufacturer to manufacturer centralizers in India. Laxmi Udyog also got first API license in world for cementing aids bearing license number API 10D-001. With over 3 decades of experience, consistent learning and developments we bear capability to exceed quality to that as per API Specs.
Laxmi Udyog Centralizers are best in class in terms of design, performance, quality.

Wide range of Casing Centralizers offered by Laxmi Udyog are :

  Casing Centralizers
  Non Welded Centralizers
  Rigid Centralizers
  Non Rigid Centralizers
  Turbolizers Centralizers
  Stop Collars
  Cement Baskets

Selection Criteria for Centralizer Type (Bow or Rigid)